About the Council on Articulations and Transfers of New Brunswick (CATNB)

The CATNB is a participatory Council of the department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL), composed of institutional representatives at the academic VP level or equivalent.  The Council works in partnership as a link between the NB post-secondary institutions, the education ministries, as well as the public and private education sectors in order to facilitate articulations and transfers. The Council is focused on helping learners access post-secondary education through inter-institutional transitions and effective transferability of courses and/or programs, and the appropriate and effective use of prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR) to support learners in pursuit of educational and employment opportunities.

Always respectful of institutional autonomy, CATNB works collaboratively to improve awareness of, and opportunities for, learner mobility. As part of its operational structure, CATNB has a standing Operations Committee (OC) composed of representatives at the registrar level or equivalent from participating institutions, as well as a PLAR Group that promotes the appropriate and effective use of prior learning assessment and recognition to support learners.

Our History
In June 2008, the government of New Brunswick released its Action Plan to Transform Post-Secondary Education in New Brunswick, based on the belief that education is a key element of attaining self-sufficiency for New Brunswick.

In August of 2009 a provincial working group composed of registrars from post-secondary institutions was established to explore the possibility of developing a common Web Portal for Credit Transfer.

In accordance with the Plan, a Council on Articulations and Transfer of New Brunswick (CATNB) was officially established November 1st, 2010 and the initial 2009-10 committee of registrars was transformed into a standing CATNB Operations Committee (OC). Moreover, the initial provincial committee established to develop a provincial prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR) coordination plan, became the NB PLAR Action Group (NBPLAR). Having worked in affiliation with CATNB for six consecutive years, in 2017 it merged with CATNB as its standing PLAR Group.



Executive Director:
J. Sheldon MacLeod