Symposium 2016

Brigitte Arsenault, Chair of the Council on Articulations and Transfers of New Brunswick  (CATNB), and Peter Seymour and Alex LeBlanc, Co‐chairs of the New Brunswick Prior  Learning Assessment and Recognition Action Group (NBPLAR), are pleased to invite you to  the next joint CATNB NBPLAR provincial symposium. This third edition of the symposium will have a broader outlook, bringing in speakers from  the national as well as the international level. It will provide an interactive learning  exchange for all stakeholders wishing to learn more about the benefits of student mobility  as well as the tools and services available to recognize prior learning in our post‐secondary  institutions and in an employment setting.

Stakeholders include:

  • Post‐secondary educators and administrators
  • Post‐secondary students
  • Guidance counsellors
  • Employers and the business community
  • Economic development agents

St. Thomas University Forest Hill Conference Centre  368 Forest Hill Rd, Fredericton, NB


Wednesday evening, October 26
Thursday October 27, 2016
*Please note*
Friday morning, October 28, professional development workshops pertaining to PLAR and credit transfers will be offered to those who wish to refine their  knowledge in these fields

There is no fee to attend the symposium, but registration is required


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Friday, October 28 Training Sessions
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 A‐Groningen Declaration  B1/B2 ‐ National ARUCC/PCCAT Guide / Next Generation Credentialing Activities
 C‐ CAPLA Quality Assurance Manual for RPL

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Preliminary Schedule

Please check back regularly for updates on topics and presenters

6:00 pm  Registration
6:30 pm Opening remarks
7:00 pm  Keynote presentation
Dr. Michael Bloom, The Conference Board of Canada
Topic –Why Recognizing Learning and Learning Credentials Should Matter to your Business

7:30 pm Networking reception

8:00 am  Registration / Coffee service

8:30 am Welcome / Overview of the day

8:45 am  Keynote presentations
Dr. Michael Bloom, The Conference Board of Canada
Topic –The Economic Benefits of Recognizing Learning and Learning Credentials in Canada

Dr. Liisa Timonen, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Topic – Strategic Boost on Fluent Educational Pathways

10:00 am Refreshment Break

11:45 am  Lunch Break

2:15 pm Refreshment Break

2:45 pm  Presentations
Updates and Innovations in Credit Transfer Across Canada

1. British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT)
Presenter: Robert Fleming

2. Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer (ACAT)
Presenter: Robin Fisher

3. Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT)
Presenter: Glenn Craney

4. Nova Scotia Council on Admissions and Transfer (NSCAT)
Presenter: Ruth Blades

5. Council on Articulations and Transfer of New Brunswick (CATNB)
Presenter: Philip Bélanger

4:30 pm End of day



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