About the Operations Committee

November 17, 2015 - 1 minute read

The CATNB Operations Committee (OC) mandate is to promote educational opportunities for learners through facilitating inter-organizational articulation and transfer in accordance with the CATNB annual work plan. CATNB has a continuing responsibility for facilitating improvement in communications and working relationships across all organizations and programs regarding student mobility. The operations committee carries out activities on behalf of the CATNB council for improvement and enlargement of educational opportunities for learners.

The key responsibilities of the Operations Committee (OC) are to:

  1. undertake the activities from the annual work plan that have been endorsed by the council, as initiated and submitted by the OC;
  2. Propose to the council new activities outside of the currently  endorsed work plan ;
  3. facilitate the organizational component of any research undertaken on behalf of the Council;
  4. provide recommendations and advice regarding CATNB initiatives to support the Council in its decision-making ;
  5. Lead and participate in any ad hoc or sub committees that are formed, as well as members to participate with NBPLAR members on the Symposium Planning Committee; and
  6. Prepare and ensure submission of the annual data for the NB Credit Transfer Portal and the Credit Transfer statistical report for their respective organizations.

OC Chair

Chris Harris (Registrar at NBCC)

OC Vice-Chair

Sheldon Macleod (Assistant Vice-President & Registrar at Crandall University)